Curbless Shower Bathroom Renovation


This guest bathroom was finished circa 2004 with travertine-look ceramic tiles on the floor and wainscot walls. The shower was fitted with an engineered marble pan and wall panels.


To update the space, the client selected 24” x 24” rectified tiles in matte finish for the bathroom floor, 24” x 48” rectified polished porcelain tiles for the walls, and 3/4” penny rounds made from recycled glass for the shower floor and shampoo niche. 

Out with the old.

Concrete was removed to prepare the floor for a true curbless shower design - and for toilet relocation; it was too close to the shower. 

After drain pipes are set, the base is prepared for the installation of a Schluter Systems Vario linear drain - and a thick dry-pack mortar bed is placed.

The back wall is framed for a wall-to-wall niche and waterproof polystyrene tile backer board is installed. Even the shower floor is heated by Schluter Systems Ditra Heat cables. A combination of waterproofing materials is used to ensure that the substrates never get saturated with water. Careful prep work is always of utmost importance for a proper tile installation. 

24" x 24" (60 cm x 60 cm) rectified porcelain tiles with a matte glaze are set with a small joint over Schluter Ditra Heat membrane and cable, centering the layout with the shower.

Drywall work is sanded and ready for primer. 

Installation of 24” x 48” polished porcelain tiles on the walls. Instead of metal profile trim, the tiles at the niche are mitered for a sleek appearance. 

Installation of penny-round mosaics and Vario drain - before grout. 

Custom-coloured epoxy adhesive is used to fill the mitered corners. The material is applied proud of the joint and tooled so that it is flush and rounded, with a polished finish to match the tile. Mitered corners demand patience and precision but the refined finish is worth the effort. 


The result: A modern guest bathroom blending fun mosaic tiles with fine finishes - a thoughtful design collaboration with the client. 


(Trim, glass, cabinetry, paint, electrical and plumbing work by others)