With extensive experience in complete bathroom transformations and tub-to-shower conversions, Terra Firma Tile delivers exceptional results. 


Every shower is built to last using modern waterproof membranes, bonding-flange drain and new-generation grout. Waterproofing is on top of the substrates, NOT underneath (as was a standard not too long ago). This ensures that the substrate will never become saturated.




Tile flooring projects are prepared with an underlayment that reduces stress on the tile - usually a bonded membrane.
Sometimes a traditional sand/cement substrate or "mud bed” is necessary to level a floor and to rectify walls in preparation for tiles. This is almost a lost technique today in the tile setting trade but in certain cases the best option as a substrate.


Today's tile selections are more extensive than ever. From dazzling mosaics to thin porcelain panels, the design possibilities are endless. To ensure that your project is completed correctly, Terra Firma Tile builds in accordance with the guidelines of the TTMAC (Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Association Of Canada).

The Process

After you have contacted me for a project estimate, we will schedule a convenient visit to inspect, measure and discuss details. You will receive a comprehensive proposal via email, specifying materials, scope of work, product quantities, and payment terms. Upon approving the proposal, we will set a start date, ensuring meticulous care throughout the project - from selection of finishes to the final clean-up.

For best tile selections and customer service in Victoria visit these two stores... and mention Terra Firma Tile

Tile Town Victoria

3098 Nanaimo St.

Victoria, BC

Bellaria Tile and Slab

6691 Mirah Rd.

Saanichton, BC

Also, for excellence in quartz countertops, please visit:

Canary Custom Surfaces

4217 Glanford Ave. Unit 4

Victoria, BC

"Terra Firma - Ron is amazing and takes pride in his work. We were thrilled with the results."

~ Mike