Attention to Detail

Here is where Terra Firma Tile really stands out... the details. Tile is a finish that is a very visual component in your house. Both aesthetically and technically, the fine details are important and nothing is overlooked, from conception to completion.  


Some installations may seem passable at first glance but reveal imperfections upon closer inspection: low grout, rough grout texture, inconsistent joints, chipped cuts, bad layout, protruding edges, ugly transitions, horrible caulking, among others. Such deficiencies are simply not acceptable for tiled surfaces. I love tiles... and it pains me to witness subpar installations, which sadly happen far too frequently. Occasionally I come across old tile work that looks perfect and has stood the test of time - a testament to the dedication to quality that once prevailed. I admire these installations and the skilled tradespeople behind them. 


Attention to detail and patience are essential traits for a finish installation company. Terra Firma Tile takes immense pride in executing each project with commitment to these values. 


Experience the difference that true craftsmanship makes. 



"I am so grateful everyday when I walk into my beautiful bathroom. Ron did an amazing job in my bathroom. I don’t even have words to express how beautiful my tile looks. I feel like I’m in my own spa. He is a perfectionist! Everything is level and flows perfectly. He matches every tile like a puzzle. I am so grateful I hired Ron. He’s an artist! I would recommend him 100%. He is kind and respectful."

  ~ Sandra