Polished Hexagon Kitchen Floor


Sadly, this black porcelain penny-round tile installation failed. The homeowners lived with it for a while before finding the perfect replacement; 3" polished porcelain hexagon tiles that brilliantly emulate Nero Marquina marble.

The fully stocked refrigerator is easily moved without scratching the flooring using the AirGlide Moving Systems dolly - a great innovation that utilizes hovercraft principles to move heavy objects on a cushion of air. After the appliances are removed, the tiles were stripped from the OSB (oriented strand board) underlayment. Surprisingly, the penny-round mosaics came out easily with a roofer's spade - they were barely bonded. 

The 1/4" OSB was removed too, exposing another 1/2" plywood underlayment. Under that is the original 5/8" plywood subfloor.

The existing 1/2" underlayment is fastened to the subfloor and primed with Kiesel UG30, a tile industry bonding agent. Luckily, the subfloor was very flat so no patching or leveling was needed.

An anti-fracture membrane (ProSecure PE from Germany) is installed with thin-set mortar and the tile layout is determined. The clients selected a 3" polished porcelain hexagon tile that genuinely mimics Nero Marquina marble from Spain; it even has small fissures on the highly polished surface simulating real stone. Excellent quality tiles from PNF Canada/Gani Marble via Tile Town Victoria.

The tile installation was completed with Mapei Kerapoxy CQ epoxy grout. The cabinet kick panels were replaced - and fabricated oak transition mouldings were installed flush with the black tiles and finished to match the original hardwood flooring.


The bold tile selection works wonderfully in this modern home.


Now displaying the beauty of exotic polished marble, this kitchen floor not only shines - it has the durability of porcelain tile and bulletproof epoxy grout,