Porcelain Paver Patio - on Pedestals


Upgrading a 1960s patio, the homeowners selected Unicom Starker's "Brazilian Slate" 2 cm porcelain pavers from Italy. Measuring 60 cm x 120 cm (24" x 48"), these anti-slip tiles will be installed on a low-profile pedestal system to create a modern aesthetic - over the existing exposed-aggregate concrete slabs.

The railing and red brick walls were removed and a layout is determined.

To achieve a full tile layout, the concrete slabs needed to be extended - and one side trimmed. The existing foundation of the old brick wall was prepped for a long and low concrete garden wall. Also, a 6 meter (20') long step was built against the wood deck.

A brilliant pedestal system (made in Canada) supports the porcelain pavers while allowing drainage through the open joints.

The 32 kg (70 lb) tiles are set securely and perfectly flat over the old, uneven slabs using a combination of pedestals and shims. 

The tiles on the long step were mitered, set in tile mortar and grouted.

At the edge of the patio, a mortared curb with weepholes was added onto which a 10 cm (4") wide border of tile was set flush with the field tiles - hiding the open ends and the pedestals.

The new patio floor with modern chamfer-edge concrete garden wall.


A gas line for the fire pit is easily placed and concealed under the raised tiles. 


These anti-slip pavers won't fade, discolour, spall, absorb water nor develop efflorescence - and there is no substrate or ground stress on the pedestal system installation. 

The 2 cm exterior tile and pedestal combo is an attractive surface solution for roof decks, balconies and patios... with so many designs available today.


With a natural stone look, the strong and handsome porcelain paver tiles elegantly complement the beauty of this lush backyard.